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Updated: Jan 3

Gender inequality is one of the most serious and perverse forms of discrimination. It keeps women and girls in poverty, deprives them of their rights, and undermines their capacity for change. In every corner of the world, women exercise less power and control than men. Their vulnerability to violence, the reproductive burden they bear, their unequal access to resources, and scant legal protection puts them in a position of constant risk. Such inequality is a fundamental breach of women’s rights and an almost insurmountable barrier to their development. Launching our “Her Golden Voice” in Nigeria has given birth to an opportunity to create awareness of gender equality to support girls and women in Africa.

Desired Impact

The beneficiary girls and women aim to achieve the following impact:

  • Knowing their rights and having their voices

  • Decision making

  • Knowledge of community engagement and opportunities

  • Rights on Sexual and reproductive health services

  • Inclusion in leadership roles at all levels

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