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Updated: Aug 21

WHSF has provided over 1000 Girls with ICT training under the "Her Golden Voice" initiative.

Gender is an important issue in the context of information and communication technologies (ICT). Studies show that ICT use is subject to gender bias, e.g. in relation to ICT use and interests. This contribution describes the current situation of gender and ICT professions.

The Girls in ICT Program is a free, integrated skills training program that combines technical training and hands-on experience to achieve a sustainable goal. This training is informed by the inactive of young women and girl children in 21st-century technology. We are proposing a secondary school technical training to the girl students to encourage them and equip them for the future.

We need your support to donate ICT equipment to support our Computer Lab

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Gender inequality is one of the most serious and perverse forms of discrimination. It keeps women and girls in poverty, deprives them of their rights, and undermines their capacity for change. In every corner of the world, women exercise less power and control than men. Their vulnerability to violence, the reproductive burden they bear, their unequal access to resources, and scant legal protection puts them in a position of constant risk. Such inequality is a fundamental breach of women’s rights and an almost insurmountable barrier to their development. Launching our “Her Golden Voice” in Nigeria has given birth to an opportunity to create awareness of gender equality to support girls and women in Africa.

Desired Impact

The beneficiary girls and women aim to achieve the following impact:

  • Knowing their rights and having their voices

  • Decision making

  • Knowledge of community engagement and opportunities

  • Rights on Sexual and reproductive health services

  • Inclusion in leadership roles at all levels

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About the Speaker

Ms Baisi is an Entrepreneur by profession and owns a Hospitality Training Company as well as founder of Rolink Investments (Pty) Ltd & Rolink Society which has just introduced a new sanitation technology to the market. Ms. Baisi is a TEF 2019 Alumni as well as a Mentor for TEF (Tony Elumelu Foundation) 2021 Cohorts. She carries a vast experience in community empowerment projects as well as business mentorship that includes Youth Seminar Business Empowerments, Feminine Hygiene Awareness Campaigns that are conducted in both schools and at community level. She has studied Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Advertising and Brand Management both under Amity University.

Ms. Baisi is a certified ISO 9001-2008 QMS and Lead Audit Personnel; she also studied a short course on Leadership & Emotional Intelligence through Coursera. Having been certified also as a trainer that’s where she uses her skills to empower a girl child in the area of Feminine Hygiene as well as Business Mentorship..


Rolink Investments is a 100% citizen owned waste management company whose major focus is on collection, proper handling, preparation of waste for disposal, and preparation of some waste for reuse in other industries. Rolink Investments has introduced a new

technology for the safe disposal of sanitary napkins, diapers, PPE, gloves just to mention a few. The technology is based on low maintenance compact Plug and Play Incinerators which can be installed anywhere where there is electrical supply or solar power.

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